I have a high tolerance for disorder. Until I don’t.

Years ago I moved into this small house with five other roommates. With so many of us we all had a smaller amount of room than what we were used to. We could no longer hide our messy ways or sweep them under the cowhide rug. We tried everything from chore charts, organizing ext. to make our house more presentable but nothing seemed to work. 

I am about to move again, and it made me started start to think how those Tidy People lived in their homes, so I don't fall into the same issue again. I observed my family, friends and read articles.

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

1. Tidy People don’t act like a slob all day, and then get their house tidy in one fell swoop. 

Tidy People are smart, and know that cleaning up all at once is hard and not fun.

We are our biggest enemy when it comes to keeping our homes tidy. The number one thing I’ve learned from Tidy People is how valuable it is to develop some simple, non-drastic, tiny habits that when added together will change the level of tidiness in your home. 

Such as, cleaning as you cook! Don't hold it off until the next day to do the dishes because before you know it you will have a sink full of dirty dishes. 

2. Tidy People Don’t Run out of Cleaning Supplies. 

They find cleaning products they love and they stock up so an empty soap bottle is never between them and a clean counter or tidier bathroom. Amen. 

I can't recall how many times my roommates and I ran out of supplies for our house and had to do grocery store runs just for that one bottle of dish soap or pack of cleaning wipes.

One company I am excited to try out at my new place is  Grove Collaborative. They offer a huge selection of high-quality natural cleaning products, and you’ll never run out of products again thanks to their monthly shipment schedule!  

3. Tidy People never let the sun go down on their filth. 

They know they’ll have to do it anyway, better now than later.

Tidy People do not watch The Bachelor while there's clothes that need to be hung up or crumbs on the kitchen floor.

Tidy people take a few moments each evening for a quick reset and either watch that TV show in peace or multitask and do it while they are getting the house clean!

4. Tidy People don’t store things on the floor.

From the big comfy blankets to the backpacks that never seemed to make it to their place. When I looked around, I realized that without my own consent, I was allowing lots of items to live on the floor. Tidy People know better than this.

Stacks of books, the box that should have been dropped off at the thrift store two weeks ago and the many shoes can all clutter up the floor and make your home seem messier than it really is.

Tidy People know this secret, you’ll never see stuff stored on their floors.

5. Tidy People don’t over decorate. 

They value a cleared off surface more than a highly decorated surface.

Listen, I’m the biggest fan of tchotchkes that has ever been. I LOVE me some smalls and cute little decor. But I’ve learned that having a bunch of pretty small things all over every surface was only making my space feel more cluttered.

I recommend aiming for 1-3 decorative pieces per surface depending on the surface size. This allows your house to still look pretty but at the same time be clean.

Even if you aren't tidy by nature reminding yourself of things Tidy People don’t do, might motivates you to pay a little more attention to making life a little easier on yourself and home.