October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Many companies have collaborate with Bright Pink this fall to help amplify their message, fuel their mission, and give YOU an opportunity to make a meaningful impact! 

Shop brightly this October, knowing your purchase has the power to educate more women on their breast. 

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This October, shop to support Bright Pink and breast cancer prevention. A portion of proce...

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The priority during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to help women across the country take action to live their breast life -- not just during October, but all year long. 

Frequent check-ins with your body can help detect breast cancer early, which can save your life! 

One way I took action is by signing up for Bright Pink’s Breast Health Reminders™ . Breast Health Reminders has helped me and will help you manage your breast health proactively by reminding you to check in with your breasts regularly. These text messages will give you simple tips on how to take control of your breast health.

So, don't forget to show your spirt this month by wearing pink to raise awareness and for all of the past and current fighters. I know I will!