I remember many years ago, when our kids were young, they wanted a Wii for Christmas. They were brand new to the market and sold out everywhere. People were selling them on eBay and Craigslist for double what we could buy the Wii's at the stores. We didn't have that kind of money, and we desperately tried to get the kids to pick something else out that they wanted. Anna was 8 years old at the time. Reasoning with a 8 year old is like pushing a rope. 

It went something like this, "Anna, I know you want that Wii for Christmas, but it is sold out everywhere. Can you pick something else out you would like?" I said in my sweetest Mom voice as I summoned her over to look at the Toys 'r Us page on the computer. 

Anna has big, blue eyes and a mop of thick brown hair that cascades down her back. Anna always has a way of looking at the world with joy and light, and she always has been a problem solver. At that time, she was busy wanting to go outside and play. She didn't have time to look at the computer as I was trying to show her a Playstation or other gaming systems. She wanted that Wii and she was going to get it. 

Anna replied, "Don't worry about it Mom. Santa will have it handled. They can build one in his factory. I have been really good this year, and so I know he will bring me one." 

With that she turned around and bounced into the backyard for some fun. Thanksgiving was in 2 weeks, and Mark was a stay at home Dad back then. I looked at Mark and said, "What are we going to do??!!" We didn't want to ruin the kids Christmas. 

So we started the Operation Christmas Wii. 

We scoured stores, talked to managers, and hunted down UPS and FedEx drivers. It turned out that our best chance was the local Gamestop.  Shipments could arrive anytime so that meant that we had to wait in line. I was not about to camp out to get anything. I am not a camper, and I was working with 2 small children. Mark made up his mind he was going to do it. 

He started out by getting to Gamestop the next day at 4am. Mark was the first in line. It was frigid cold (for California) that year. There was actual snow in Temecula and Beaumont. Mark waited and waited and waited. When he needed to use the bathroom I would load up the kids and head over and he would tag out. Once the shipment arrived then they would leave and start all over until the next day.  The thing about it is, shipment could be at 8am or 11pm. It was Christmas time and things were crazy. 

The first day was a bust. No Wii's to be found. The second day was a bust too. Meanwhile, everyone is calling us - "There is one in Target" - "I saw one returned at Walmart!", so while Mark was in line I was on a wild goose chase. Then on day 10 we actually got the last one. Mark had spent hours and hours in the cold waiting for the shipments to come in. He is a great Dad.  The thing that was especially frustrating was that the people who were in line were just trying to resell them. They already had bought several by sitting in lines and waiting. 

The thing that Mark was upset about it was the fact that this Wii now had to be from Santa - so he wasn't going to get any credit with his children. That is until now. 

What is your craziest story about what you did for a Christmas gift? Please share! 

Have a blessed holiday season!